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Weight Management


Ayurveda Diet

Weight Management

Mahanasa challenge people to reduce 15 kgs in 90 days

Mahanasa aim is to make people healthy with healthy diet. Expert Doctors at Mahanasa will advice weight loss therapies and diet guidelines which will yield results of 15 kgs in 90 days. This completely happens, when from your side there is :

  1. 100% dedication

  2. Following instructions properly

  3. Regular therapies as adviced by Doctor

  4. Consuming diet given by Doctor without any alterations


Mahansa team will provide:

  1. Regular Doctor monitoring

  2. Authentic Panchakarma therapies

  3. Personalized diet charts

  4. Therapeutic Yoga

  5. Food workshop


Accepting challenge at Mahanasa also has lots of benefits with cash vouchers, discounted therapies, free consultation membership and so on. If you are ready to lose we are always ready to help you.


How does weight loss @ Mahanasa works?


It is very simple, nutritionally rich, scientific, technical, practically proved and it is completely Ayurvedic with no side effects. We help to remove water soluble and lipid soluble toxins from your body and increase metabolism. We activate your liver which in turn does the work of reducing fat from the body. You need to just keep up the metabolism with diet and activity.


Treatments for Diseases Related to Liver function @ Mahanasa Ayurveda

  • High cholesterol levels

  • Hepatitis

  • Jaundice

  • Heart related problems

  • Hypertension

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