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Ayurveda Services at Mahanasa

We offer minor treatment of panchakarma therapies (Upakarma) under the guidance of certified Doctors. These therapies and treatments help one to get rid of the symptoms associated with diseases. It also helps to reduce the pain and heal from externally. These Treatments includes:

Janu/ Kati/ Greeva Basti

This is done for osteo arthritis or knee pain/ lumbar spondylitis or back pain/ cervical spondylitis/ neck pain. These are treatments to be taken for 21 days for best results.



The oil poured continuously over the forehead can be taken in general for stress relieving. Apart from general for many conditions we used this therapy like for hair loss, migraine, sleeplessness, diabetes, etc.

Patra Pinda Sweda (Leaves Fomentation)

The hot fomentation is given with medicated leaves after oil massage helps to relieve the joints pain. This is specially indicated in rheumatoid arthritis.

Kukkutanda Swedana (Egg Fomentation)

The hot fomentation given by using egg and medicinal powders helps to build strength in muscles and bones. This is done specially for frozen shoulder and muscular pains.

Ruksha Sweda (Soil/ Salt Fomentation)

The hot fomentation given by using rock salt or soil is to get relief from swelling, stiffness and pains. This is specially for restricted movements, pains and arthritis.

Shashtikashali Pinda Sweda (Rice & Milk Fomentation)

The hot fomentation given with rice and milk is to increase muscular strength and to give complexion to the skin. This can be done in debility, wasting and also as cosmetic to the skin.

Kaya Seka

The oil poured continuously all over the body or for any particular part helps to relieve numbness and pain. This is done in most of paralyzed patients or as a rejuvenation therapy.

Ekanga Abhyanga & Swedana

The massage done for any one part of the body where there is a pain or numbness like shiro abhyanga (head massage) during pain in head, to relieve the symptom is ekanga abhyanga. This is basically external symptomatic therapy.

Abhyanga & Swedana

The massage done to the whole body during panchakarma or for relaxation is very much essential to every person as mentioned in dinacharya of classical texts.

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