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Cancer Management



“CANCER” the word make people to get scared. Cancer is abnormal cell growth in the body and it potentially spreads to other body parts which at the end might lead to death. There are more than 100 varieties of cancer. In cancer the stages helps us to know the life span and treatment of it.

At what stage of Cancer, can one be benefited with Ayurveda

The initial stages are always better for prognosis of the treatment rather than the later stages, but even in later stages we see that the patient do not end their life with several sufferings. Ayurveda medicines and treatments definitely results in relief of pain.

Is it safe to choose Ayurvedic medicines instead of undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

The system of medicine which they have to undergo is completely to the ones own choice, but we have cases where the people have not undergone any chemo or radio therapy and surviving with our medication more than three years. At the same time we have also seen the patients who come back after chemo/ radio therapy where they have left out with no other option and we could increase their lifespan for just fewer months.


Can Cancer be cured with Ayurveda

As the known fact that Cancer cannot be cured, it’s the management of the disease. The management in any system of medicine involves increasing the lifespan, but in Ayurveda it is increasing the lifespan with fewer hurdles to the patient.


While taking Ayurvedic medicines for Cancer, can a patient take other medicine?

The symptomatic treatments and emergency medicines can be taken but particularly for the disease the medicines should not be mixed with other system of medicines.

Will the medicines have any adverse effects?

The medicines given are completely based on Ayurveda principles and will definitely not have any adverse effects, and the patient has to reveal the allergic condition if any before starting the medication.


Ayurveda for post chemo rejuvenation

Chemotherapy works as a two-edged sword, while destroying cancerous cell, it also destroys healthy normal fast-growing cells of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membrane, skin, hair root and so on. Hence, the medico therapeutics of chemotherapy can be considered as toxins. As part of Rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda we detoxify the body through multifaceted approach based on type of cancer and patient body nature in order to enhance digestion, normalize the metabolism. Once body is stabilized Ayurvedic rejuvenation medicines without any toxins, it starts to concentrate on building strong physiology, healthy tissues and increases immunity. The strong inbuilt immunity in those persons prevents rapid cancer cell growth in the body.

General precautions one must take to avoid being affected by Cancer

From simple use of plastics to the chemicals in the food ingredients used are completely the reasons for the growing up cancer disease. Each person has to first respect the environment so that the environment does not feed us with the diseases. Every step by every individual to keep the earth safe it the best way to avoid Cancer.

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