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Mahanasa Ayurveda Treatments

Treatment available at Mahanasa Ayurveda

Mahanasa is a team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors with the beneficiary knowledge of Nutrition and Yoga. We offer medical advice for regular illness and healthy lifestyle. After careful examination of the person’s health condition, we would advise required treatment, medication and lifestyle changes wherever applicable. Customised Diet details will be provided as per the nutrition guidelines. Therapeutic yoga will also be advised for the particular diagnosis depending on the condition.


We Treat:

  • Arthritis                         

  • Spondylitis

  • Joints pain                     

  • Back pain

  • Gout                 

  • Asthama

  • Acidity             

  • Chronic Gastritis

  • Menstrual Disorders

  • Hypertension

  • Hair fall                             

  • Acne/ Pimples

  • Migraine   

  • Cough  

  • Diabetes         

  • Cold   

  • Psoriasis                                             

  • Fever

  • Obesity                                               

  • Thyroid

  • Sinusitis                                              

  • PCOD

  • Infertility

  • Piles

  • Fissure                                                

  • Fistula

  • Other lifestyle disorders

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