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A new standard for postpartum care

Motherhood is a special experience in every women life. On arrival of new guest in her life, it’s a rebirth even for her. The most attention to women care focus on nine months of pregnancy but two months of after delivery care is always ignored. The initial 6-8 weeks soon after delivery is highly sensitive period. Both mother and the newly arrived baby need attention and special care.


The post delivery period involves the mother progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically. It’s important to recognise all the changes the body has undergone the fluid loss during birth, displaced organs, stretched muscles etc. New mothers are as delicate as their new born at this time. A mother needs proper post-delivery care to prevent impairments, disabilities and to reduce psychological burden, but despite enormous awareness programs seven out of ten women do not receive proper care and ending up with Back pain, Spondylitis, Hemorrhoids, Irritability, Stress, Depression and Digestive Problems. The grief is that, this problem happens even with educated people too.

In Ayurveda, we nurture the mother and baby with warm, oily, smooth and stable therapies for 45 days of post-delivery care which enables her mind and body heal, to gain back her body shape, strength and cure other ailments. Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Enhancing the natural recovery process –As the mother’s uterus starts retracting back to its smaller, normal size.

  • Helps to reduce the pain and nurtures the body

  • Physical & Mental health will be stabilised

  • Prevents from various diseases of postnatal period


Mahanasa conducts the AYUSHI 45 days program which provides well trained Ayurvedic therapist to service mother and child which involves 


Mother Care

  1. Customised Ayurvedic oil massage – Helps to relieve the delivery pain and relaxes the muscles

  2. Application of specific paste – Tones up the skin and sagging abdominal muscles

  3. Herbal fumigation – Fumigation specially for the private parts helps to relieve from any infections

  4. Classical method of abdominal wrap - To get back the shape of the belly

  5. Customised cell rejuvenating tea

  6. Sweet lactation drink and

  7. Diet guidelines from expert Ayurveda physicians.


Child Care

  1. Massage with Ayurvedic Baby Oil – Helps to nourish the muscle and bones for growing baby

  2. Ayurvedic kashaya Bath – Relaxes and helps to have a good sleep

  3. Fumigation – Mainly to overcome the airborne infections

This In-home service will be the comfort and convenient for mother.

Women care @ Mahanasa Ayurveda also Includes Treatments for:

  • Pre natal Care – Diet, Ayurveda supplements and Yoga

  • Amenorrhea – Absence of menstrual cycle

  • Metrorrhagia – Heavy and clotted menstrual cycles

  • Menorrhagia – Irregular menstrual cycles

  • PCOD

  • Infertility

  • Menopausal syndromes


Child care @ Mahanasa Ayurveda also Includes:

  • Child Development Care

  • Ayurveda Immunization

  • Treatment for Autism, Down’s Syndrome, hyper active child, delayed mile stones

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