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Mahanasa is a team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors with the beneficiary knowledge of Ayurveda, Nutrition and Yoga. We offer medical advice for regular illness and healthy lifestyle. After careful examination of the person’s health condition, we would advise required treatment, medication and lifestyle changes wherever applicable. Customised Diet details will be provided as per the nutrition guidelines. Therapeutic yoga will also be advised for the particular diagnosis depending on the condition.

The Specialised Ayurveda Physicians team at Mahanasa are:

Dr. Rekha AB, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)

Dr. Rekha is Ayurveda physician who completed her masters in Dravya Guna (Plants) and completely into research of making Ayurveda food, tastier and simple to cook with all its nutrition preserved. She has made more than 100 Ayurveda recipes in healing home remedies which are helping thousands of people today. With her extinct knowledge of Ayurveda and plant usage she has come up with many herbal products which can be used as food as well as medicine. She has participated in many workshops, TV show, written articles in magazine and thought many people about usage of Ayurveda in everyday life. She has conducted Yoga classes and cooking classes at USA and continuing her sharing of cooking knowledge.


The treatments given by Dr. Rekha with her more than 12 years of experience, are completely research based, Ayurvedic and easily available. Most of the medicines will be homely available ingredients. Following diet charts given by her will make your disease to leave you completely and never turn back.

Dr. Archana. C, BAMS, CFN

Dr. Archana after completion of Ayurveda graduation got certified in Food and Nutrition and now renowned as Ayurveda Physician and Nutritionist. Continuous clinical practice Since 12 years and experience of handling all types of diseases and managing with diet, medicines and panchakarma has benefited number of patients. She conducts Ayurveda panchakarma classes and Ayurveda cooking classes. She has taken classes for many of the students from India and abroad. Many Chefs have also learnt Ayurveda cooking to adopt in their restaurant. She has participated in number of workshops, TV shows, Radio shows and have written many articles to the magazine related to Ayurveda health.

The medicines prescribed are authentically Ayurvedic and believes and follows only Ayurveda way of food, lifestyle and medicines. She believes that food can be remedy for 80% of the diseases of any condition and provides diet chart completely customized according to body nature and requirement of nutrition. Number of patients have benefited with these medicines and diet chart at Mahanasa.

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