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Diabetes Management



Diabetes has been a very common disease in India and many of them are unable to control it. The medicine for diabetes will keep changing because of uncontrolled sugar levels or people start with insulin. Mahanasa has an effective medicine for diabetes which gives results of controlled sugar levels. Apart from controlling sugar levels by treatments and medicines at Mahanasa, the diabetes complications are also managed and makes sure that the person is not suffering with ill effects of diabetes.


Ayurveda Panchakarma increases liver and pancreas activity and helps in glucose metabolism so that sugar level comes to the control. Ayurveda medicines along with diet help to heal the cause and sees that diabetes is always under control. The physical activity with these will completely manage diabetes. Apart from these therapeutic yoga and meditation will yield better results. As WHO says Type II diabetes can be controlled with food and life style, similarly treatment and diet at Mahanasa helps to control Diabetes.


Expert doctor will analyze your prakruti (body nature) and type of diabetes you have and the duration with blood sugar level count and prescribe treatment and medicines accordingly. The personalized diet chart will completely help to manage diabetes.

Treatments for Diabetic Complications @ Mahanasa Ayurveda

  • Diabetic wound

  • Diabetic nephropathy

  • Urinary infection

  • Burning feet

  • Gangrene

  • Vascular diseases like varicose veins

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