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Arogya Kit is mainly to increase immunity and to boost metabolism. This kit contains Five products -


1. Herbal Tea

2. Swastha Drink

3. Herbal Kashaya

4. For Sore Throat and

5. Herbal Steam


This is complete set of Healthy Kitchen ingredients and Indian spices combination as per its medicinal value to boost immunity and to protect one from any Virus or Bacteria. This combination acts on respiratory system and on digestive system to increase the immunity in our body.

Here are the details of the Arogya Kit Products and its usage details:

1. Herbal Tea

How to Use: 1/4 tsp to be boiled with 1/2 glass water for 2 minutes in low flame and then add 1 glass of milk. Adding jaggery is optional

Time to Consume: Have it in the evening instead of coffee or tea 
Benefits: Improves digestion, appetite and protects from asthma or wheezing 

2. Swastha Drink

How to Use: 1/4 tsp to be boiled with milk for 2 minutes. Adding sugar or jaggery is optional

Time to Consume: Drink during bed time
Benefits: Reduces allergy and respiratory infection

3. Herbal Kashaya

How to Use: Add 1 pinch of powder to 1 glass of water and boil for 3 minutes in low flame
Time to Consume: Drink early morning in empty stomach

Benefits: Relieves and protects from respiratory congestion

4. For Sore Throat 

How to Use: 1/4 tsp with honey twice daily

Time to Consume: After food
Benefits: Relieves throat irritation and sore throat

5. Herbal Steam

How to Use:1 pinch to be added to hot water and inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes

Time to Consume: Morning and night twice daily
Benefits: Relieves nasal congestion

Regular use of Arogya kit products along with practicing Yoga & Pranayama every day will definitely increase our immunity power. 

For purchase contact 

Mahanasa Ayurveda

Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Mobile: +91 9620580101



Mahanasa is also donating these Arogya Kit with the help of donors through Mahanasa Trust for the community heroes or corona warriors like Police, BBMP workers, health workers, etc.. who are regularly working for the health of the society. ​If you wish to be one among the health donors and likes to donate more Arogya Kits or funds to donate Arogya Kits please contact


Mahanasa Public Seva Trust

Mobile: 9620580101