Arogya Group


Arogya Group as we call it as AROGYA KUTUMBA is a gathering of people with common interest of health through food and lifestyle. This group is running since two years and stepping to third year from Jan 2020. Doctors from Mahanasa Ayurveda will teach about:


  • Seasonal foods which to be taken and which to be avoided to keep our body fit

  • Healthy lifestyle habits to be adopted to increase our immunity and to avoid diseases

  • Healing home remedy tips to treat disease at the initial stage

  • Scientific background of Indian festivals according to the seasons and the reason of food culture behind it


Arogya Group is a monthly get together on every second Friday between 4 pm to 6 pm. The Arogya Group is conducted by MAHANASA PUBLIC SEVA TRUST. This trust is run by nine enthusiastic ladies from different background and aiming one which is good health at the less cost. For more details about the trust please visit the website 


The one who likes to join the group can contact us  at +91 9620580101 or info@mahanasaayurveda.com and for more program details visit our mahanasa face book page.